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Hi Piotr

is your bike the manual or DCT version?

if it is the manual (like mine) then the skid plate should fit easily and will need just a bit of deformation on the back left fixing point (as you sit on the bike).

If it is the DCT, then things are much tougher, as I ma told by a friend that has installed the OM on his DCT ATAS. It took him a lot of work (heating and reshaping the plate) to fit it. I am not really aware of the details.
HI Petros
So we had same bike, manual 馃憤
Thank you for quick response, Outback Motortek send me few pictures with crash bars and oem skid plate , but nothing says about where or what to bent 馃槀
About which point we are talking about?
Thank you 馃槑

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Sorry for opening a new thread on that, but there are so many threads on Crashbars and I could not find the info I need.

I had the Altrider system in my mind but today I found out that it is not compatible with the skid. I want to keep the OEM skid, though. I do not do dirt, so it is ok for me and I like the looks.

However, the OEM "accessories" bar is a joke as far as it concerns effectiveness and rigidity. So, I need a reliable crashbar system.

Does anybody know of a crashbar system that is compatible with the ATAS OEM skidplate?
hi petros i fitted bars made by HEED made in poland 拢200 fits with std skid plate in silver or black. a got mine off E BAY
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