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Aussie Land AT owner

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Hi All

New AT ABS Tri colour owner from Aussie land says 'Gday'

Past the first service and have now 5+K on the twin, all very good news after a long ride (3600k) 60% tar and 40% dirt/gravel type ride, the only smaller issues I would have to say
- would like to have a 5-10mm bush on the bottom of the dash just to have it angled up a little for stand up riding.
- the screws and grommets that hole the windscreen on are pathetic and can easily be pushed through the hole, the bottom two have disappeared already so I have fix...ed this with the doubled sided TM dots, ended up being a better solution full stop.
- heavier spring required on the centre stand, on some of the up & down sections I can hear it leave position, touch the ground then rebound.
All small stuff and the good stuff far far outway any bad! great machine......
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That's awesome.

Pleased you're enjoying the bike.

I'm loving mine too!
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