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Baja Designs - NEW Laser Lighting! Ultimate Long Range Lighting

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The new Baja Designs Laser Light series is at the pinnacle of distance lighting. The Laser Light is capable of throwing light 60% farther than current LED offerings. There will be several configurations offered, though the Hybrid configuration is the first to be available.

We have created a Hybrid light in order to give the user the ultimate lighting package. We project 2 laser chips and 4 LED chips through our High Speed Spot optic to deliver a far reaching, yet smooth blend of light – elevating forward projection lighting into the next generation! If you want to stay ahead of the competition with farthest reaching product on the market, look no further.

*Quantities will be extremely limited

Models -

OnX6, 10" Hybrid LED and Laser Light Bar - $999.95

and more to come!

We will be bringing more Laser Technology to the market. Stay tuned for more details and great lighting options in the late spring! If you don't already follow us on social media, keep an eye out for more teasers on Facebook and Instagram.

-Bailey, Baja Designs
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laying with lasers!

... more photos and details coming very soon

(Photos courtesy of Geno Church & Andrew Huang of BFG Tires)

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(Photos courtesy of Geno Church & Andrew Huang of BFG Tires)

Laser Light testing at Easter Jeep Safari

Above are some shots from EJS. You can see the XL Laser Light and the OnX6 Hi-Power in these photos. The hot spot off in the distance is from the XL Laser Light and measures roughy 2500 feet away. We are very excited to be getting closer to releasing our Laser Light Series starting with an OnX6 Hybrid Light Bar (LED/Laser).

XL Laser Light - Coming Soon - TBD
OnX6 10" Hybrid - Coming Soon - $999.95

For those that want to get a sneak peak on our Laser Light Series we will be showcasing them at Overland Expo West.
Come on by the booth and check out our night demonstration!
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Baja Designs - Laser Lighting - UPDATE

We wanted to provide an update on the BD Laser Lighting. Unfortunately the ETA has been pushed towards late summer. There is currently one supplier for the laser chips we NEED and they have very limited quantities. In order to give you the best performing product possible we are using this one specific laser chip. We are waiting on the quantities we need in order to push a full production run of lights.

Our apologies for the delays. As soon as an update comes through I'll be posting up!

-Baja Designs
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