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Hi everyone,
I bought this tremendous cycle for street use so if it helps one or two decide on accessories then great. I don't need to know that the connectors won't work underwater for example(not very relevant) I have always had great results from R & G heated grips so to install those I went about it like this......
Remove the throttle controller, Slip over the end of a piece of 22mm copper pipe, Build up a back stop with masking tape until the controller stays at the end of the pipe, Remove as much of the protruding moulded detail(cables end) that suits Hondas grip,Rotate cables end of controller tube whilst using a typical electric palm sander NB this enables minimal material removal of thin walled controller whilst blending in snipped off detail for Hondas grip and keeping controller concentric with it's bore. It makes light work of Hondas adhesive varnish remains plus a little nylon material to give a nice fit of new heated grip. Re-install controller and for me personally don't use contact adhesive or super glues. I want time to set gap to switchgear/clean up any adhesive pushed out from the business end during install/position grip cable to suit open and closed throttle.
The R & G is a longer grip but using a sump plug washer between the bar end weight and the handlebar as shown there was no binding and minimal gaps either end. The only slight negative was the optional handlebar carrier for the temperature controller that didn't want to be introduced to the tapered bar quite understandably. It just tolerates this however. £34 grips that(touch wood) have always been reliable and very high performance for me:smile2: Bargain!

Next an extension to the rear mudguard-the Ductail from Pyramid.
Don't rely on the double sided adhesive strips as supplied. Remove and use a pair of pop plastic rivets of the type usually found with their fender extenders. Fairly easy to disguise a pair of these equi-spaced within the registration letters(U.K) I de-greased and applied generous black RTV silicone just prior to assembly between ductail and rear of number plate.
Auto part Yellow Font Text Vehicle registration plate Automotive exterior Finger Hand Pest Thumb Screw Red Auto part Suspension part
Last mod for today and it's the fitment of the great value SHAD metalwork and top box to Hondas original rack. I know for a fact that this particular box is re-badged Honda as an accessory for CB1100EX so there is your quality guarantee. Image shows fitting kit onto which their mounting plate fits perfectly for their rather handsome 48 litre box. With manufacturers logo this box and fitting kit is an absolute bargain!
Auto part Vehicle Motorcycle accessories Auto part Machine

I also installed a pair of "Dimple" magnetic drain plugs. I believe no other type are worth considering as they will likely only retain the ferrous particles when the oil cools down. The "Dimple" plugs won't drop it at operating temperature.


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