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Every year, over the December period, we trek down to Mossel Bay (South Africa). Here a friend of ours has a camp site and we use this as a base to explore the area. The screenshot shows the potential routes, or combination of, we have done over the years.

The objective of this report is to show the condition of Baviaans Kloof this year. I have a couple of un-edited video’s of what I thought would be the best parts.

We had the whole day to cover the distance of 347km from Mossel Bay to Patensie. On 19th December we took a leisurely ride along the R102 / N12 / R62 / N2 / R330 to Patensie. Around 11ish we spotted a place where we thought we could just have something to drink. It turned out so nice we stayed a bit longer, and had lunch there as well. Kliphotel – Country store, on the border of Western and Eastern Cape on the R62. (S33 44.466 E23 26.208). They have an old pub with some really history sporting photos.

In Patensie we stayed in a very nice B&B, Gamtoos B&B, where the owner (Radie) had kindly volunteered to arrange beer and meat for a braai and a nice fresh salad. That evening we were ‘obliged’ to finish all the beer and food.

The next day, after a great breakfast, we headed back to Mossel Bay. The route was from Patensie to Willowmore via the Baviaanskloof (R332). From Willowmore to Prince Albert along the R407 then do Swartberg Pass (R328) to Oudtshoorn and then back to the site. Day 1 is the yellow track and day 2 is the green track.

20 December 2017. Some of the East to West sections between the 'Gates'. ON THE DAY it was not technical at all. The only tricky moment was the crossing with the rocks and a bit of water (Baviaans_2). This was due to the slime on the rocks. I suppose the concrete sections have to be there for the AVIS cars!!

Baviaans Clip 1:

Baviaans Clip 2:

Baviaans Clip 3:

Baviaans Clip 4:

Baviaans Clip 5:

My impressions of the 2 passes :-

I have done Baviaans three times in the past. There were no concrete sections then and the water sections, particularly where the rocky section is, was a lot fuller. I understand the region is experiencing a serious drought at the moment, so I did expect it to be dry.

For me, the concrete sections take away some of the challenge of doing the pass. You could test your skills and you had to work a bit to get through. Although a lot of the challenge is no longer as much, it is still an absolutely beautiful part of the world to ride and we are privileged to have such places.

The Swartberg Pass is busy being repaired because it was seriously damaged in a storm. They are doing an amazing job with the repair, maybe too good a job ?. It was like a highway.

Overall, the 2 days riding in such a beautiful part of our Country was exactly what the doctor ordered.


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