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Following my AT DCT bikes poor response at low revolutions with last summer's hot weather i.e. jerking and poor throttle response I had the booster plug fitted last weekend. I left the car park at my dealers after booster plug had been fitted and ambient temperature was showing 20c on the bike. As I rode off it felt like the cold start valve was operating bearing in mind it had come back from a road test an hour before. The throttle was that responsive and it caught me by surprise.

Okay I said lets be objective about this it is the cold start valve even though the engine temperature had 2 of the 3 bars showing. 5 minutes down the road the throttle caught me by surprise again waiting at some lights to turn right. Okay you want it to feel better so perhaps you think it is. However at the moment I can say that the remainder of the journey proved that the throttle was indeed more responsive and that I had got use to it. But I will confirm this on my next ride on my usual route.

Next ride confirmed that the throttle at low revolutions in correct gear was indeed more responsive and smother. Some of the exhaust's normal popping noise had decreased. In Drive mode at 30 mph on a flat road it was also smoother. All that is left now is to wait for some really hot weather and a successful result of which I am very confident.
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