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Hi guys. I am in the process of buying my friends AT. He bought it last year and sadly prefers to ride his CRF250L. SO he is selling me his AT for 9k with TT upper and lower crash bars, TT skid plate, Givi Trekker outback racks and panniers. Hoping that's a good deal. Bike has less than 1k miles. I have an R1200GS and am looking for something a little more trail capable. I do single track the GS and have tried the AT on the single track and it is much softer and with the larger front rim seems to do a little better. The AT is a little bit lighter too. Not much though. The GS is 525lbs. The lack of cruise control is my only concern as I do use that a lot on straight stretches to rest the wrist for a couple seconds. Considering throttle lock if you have any recommendations?
Also where is the best place to post a request for body work swap? I'm looking for someone with a silver AT that wishes he had a red rally color scheme.
Thanks and Btw: this is a great forum. Chris from Pennsylvania (North Eastern USA)
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