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I was considering whether to order Bumot or Holan panniers when got the ridiculous Honda OEM panniers sold. Bumot had the set for AT in stock immediately for delivery in black and gray. The answer to the email inquiry came in ten minutes. About the Holans almost zero customer service, I would not say anything in this context.

Based on the Googles, overall quality is likely to be both at the same high level. differences:

  • Bumot has optional inside toolbox for the left rack, encoded in the same key.
  • Bumot's upright corners are not beveled, the panniers look a little bit clumsier than Holan.
  • Both made of 2 mm aluminum, bottom seams double, corners protected.
  • Bumot has locking quick-fit fastening to the racks, Holans must be open and remove the goods for fastening/removing
  • Bumot is also powder coated on the inside, aluminum does not spoil the goods
  • Holan also has access to stainless racks, for some bike models, Bumot rack is galvanized and powder coated
  • Holan's have removable lids, locks acting as hinges. Bumot with separate locks at the ends and fixed friction hinges on the long side, ie the lids must/cannot be detached.
  • The bumot's are a little bit heavier, apparently because of that quick fix. There is no information on the weight difference between the frames.
  • Bumot comes with installation instructions, which can be downloaded in PDF online in advance. Holan comes without instructions and you cannot have them even with asking. Youtubes can be found by owner-made tutorials.

I ended up to Bumot. Mainly because the excellent customer service, fast delivery and the quick fasteners. Panniers came yesterday, just a week from Bulgaria to DHL's doorstep in Finland. DHL's driver called before delivery and made sure that I was there, but that depends on your local partner.Customer service: 5/5, messages are usually answered almost immediately in the daytime.
  • Delivery: 5/5, per week home delivery, freight to the EU is included on the Bumot website.
  • Stock status: 4/5, dark gray and black panniers were found on stock, silver should have been waiting for 2-3 weeks.
  • Installation instructions: 4,5 / 5, received pdf when ordering an email, can also be found on the Bumot website. Otherwise, good, but the tightening torques of the bolts were missing. Enough photos.
  • Structure: 5/5 in the hands excellent, I find no remarks. Pannier fastening is sturdy and fast, no need to be opened or emptied for attachment / detachment.
  • Finishing: 5/5 perfect.
  • Suitability for the bike: 4.5 / 5 was almost perfect, the left rack had to be handcuffed slightly to get the bolt coming to the pillion footpeg mount, maybe half a millimeter.
  • Installation: 5/5, easy, one hour. Two holes must be drilled on the rear mudguard.

I also measured the total width with 35 liter pannier. Out of the outer surface of the panniers, 92 cm, 93 cm in the corner plastic reinforcements, also 2-3 centimeters narrower than the Honda OEM, 1 cm wider than Bumot announced.

I'm really happy with Bumot, will also get the topbox if I get the OEM sold.
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