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Calling all Florida AT owners

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I just purchased a Silver DCT and I am not really happy with the seat. I contacted Spencer from Spencer Seat Mods and asked him if he would consider doing a LD (long distance) lowering mod to my seat and this was his response.


Thank you for your interest in my work again, unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with or have even seen the (new to the US) CRF 1000L Africa Twin in person.

Unless I have had the opportunity to at least inspect and handle a seat in person, test ride the bike myself ( I will never understand how anyone can properly build a seat for a bike they have never seen or ridden), and source a salvage seat for a dry run modification I do not accept it for work or can offer any opinion as to its potential. There are just to many variables in construction and materials to have any reasonable guarantee of success, especially regarding lowering, and I do not experiment with other riders property. I am sorry I cannot help with this seat at this time but appreciate the inquiry.

Thanks again and ride safe, Spencer

My request is if there is anyone in the Greater Florida area that thinks they might benefit from one of Spencers seat mods and would be willing to stop by his place to have him look over and sit on the seat from a AT so he can see what can be done, that would be greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure many others.Spencer has been doing this for some time now and he does quality work at a very reasonable price. I have had him do my seat on my ST and it made a world of difference. Check out his web site to get more info.

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