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It may be a while before you need to worry about battery replacement. I have noticed at least one manufacturer of Lithium batteries are offering 11 year warranties. One would think if they offer 11 years, then the battery should last at least that long and not 7 or 8 years. Of course, they could be hoping the vehicle will die or change ownership before the battery dies. Indications are good that the majority of these batteries will have a long service life.
My dad and I bought two different hondas in two different states and both dealers offered "Free Battery Replacement" for 10 years for only $700. At today's price of ~$400 for a lithium battery for my AT, this tells me the dealer is gambling they won't replace more than one battery in 10 years, or they are losing money.
Just my $0.02. But I hear you. One day, in 7-10 years, I may be pushing it up a hill to bump start it (Manual Baby!).
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