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Such a great question Yromulus that I Googled it. Lots of factors involved, import duties, tax and value added tax being the most significant but corporate opportunism can play a part too. Here's the best article I found:

A big consideration not mentioned in the article: motorcycle MSRP prices are set and fixed for a year in advance. They don't go up and down on a daily or weekly basis as raw materials, currency exchange rates, taxes, fuel and transit costs change. Manufacturers have to build in margins so they don't end up losing money on their products. And if they over-estimate demand for a particular model, they do lose money when they have to discount it heavily to sell, they have to account for that as well.

Well, that little learning exercise blunted some of my annoyance at Honda. Hope it works for you too. :nerd:
I would also factor in country of origin.

Fairly certain the motor is made in Timmonsville with the Pioneer 1000. That would allow it to be priced cheaper in the US/Canada as you're not paying duty on the motor like you would in Europe.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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