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I've been spending the winter getting my AT ready for it's first offroad riding this spring. Between the Caribou Cases, AltRider luggage rack with 1 gallon Rotopax for fuel, pillion seat replacement rack and Moose Racing ADV1 waterproof bag I should have more than enough space for the 2-5 day trips I'm hoping to take this year. Water is the only thing I didn't have covered until now.

I found the Blackburn Outpost Cargo cage and picked up a pair of them to mount on the back of each pannier. I used stainless steel bolts, washers (large fender washers inside) and lock nuts. I also drilled another hole in the mounting area of the cage so I could add an additional bolt to distribute the load across the whole frame of the cage. I believe they were about $18 each and include very nice, rubber coated straps that thread through slots in the base, they don't just wrap around as it appears in the photo. It is constructed of aluminum and the welds are very good. My only concern is that it won't be able to take the pounding it may receive on the back of the bike. If these were to fail I will use them as a template and make a copy out of stainless steel rod TIG welded.

I also picked up a pair of Nalgene 48oz wide mouth bottles to use for water. I went with the HDPE version as it's cheaper and likely to take the abuse of dirt and grime better than the harder and more expensive ones. Nice thing about these is my water filter screws right on to the top so if I'm riding in a place where I need to bring a filter it will work well with these bottles. They were about $9 each at REI.

I also have some MSR water bags we use sea kayaking but not sure I'll have enough room to put them inside a pannier or bag. Roughly 3 liters of water in the bottles should be enough to at least start a trip. I'll try to post some pics of them installed later today, still working on how to deal with the extra length of the straps, don't want to shorten them in case I want to carry other things. What are you all doing for water?
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