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On the NC750X forum we discovered that there was an easy way to check for correct chain tension. On the sidestand the midpoint of the chain just missed the swing arm and on the centre stand it just touched - making a clacking noise.
Unfortunately it's not quite the same on the Africa Twin but in some ways it may be easier
On the sidestand with 35mm of play the midpoint of the chain just clacks against the nylon guide
I measured the rough midpoint of the chain and to all intents and purposes it's just where the swingarm starts to swell out and conveniently this is the nearest point of the nylon chain guide to the rear axle.

However, a couple of points to raise. Although there is 35mm of slack in my chain at this point, I can easily make it 50mm by pressing down on the chain. I could make it even more if I found a way of making the top run of the chain tight - which is of course how it would be in normal running. But Honda doesn't say to do either of these things so I can only assume that I should just measured it 'relaxed'

Oneminor whinge - why have they used allen head bolts to fix the chainguard and put them in such positions that you cannot get more than half a turn at a time with a normal allen key.

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