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Chain Kit recommendations for 2018 ATAS?

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Hey guys!

This one is pretty straightforward, I'll need a new chain kit soon, and I have no idea where to look.

  • I want to keep the original ratio - 16/42, I'm happy with it
  • I want a high-durability chain with the best link seals available... which are the best? X,Z, ZXW?
  • I usually wash my chain with kerosene and a cloth, dry it up, run it dry for a bit to heat it up, then 80W140 Gear Oil and excess off. Love the stuff. I do this every 700-1000km and more often in crappy weather.
  • Preferably gold, but it's not a deal breaker.
  • I usually ride around 90% asphalt with the occasional dirt road, but nothing too crazy, I'm the "rides a lot but bike's always shiny" type of guy..

Which brands are the best? I only heard about DID and Regina so far, but I have no idea about any of them.
Best shops in EU in terms of stock availability? I saw a lot on, but i'd like options :)

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Question Two: why are there multiple rear sprocket bolt options (4-bolt, 5-bolt, 6-bolt) for the same bike? My rear sprocket has 5 bolts, So i'm probably limited to 5-bolt rear sprocket kits... right?

Not from your area but this might help for whats out there........
D.I.D VX3 'X' ring drive chain and JT sprockets, buy as a kit for the best deal.
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For my 18 ATAS, I have a new OEM Honda 16T front sprocket on hand as I prefer OEM when possible for countershaft sprockets (and moly paste on the splines) and a Supersprox 44T (+2T) rear sprocket. I've always been a fan of and used Regina chains almost exclusively in the past but DID is a good value for similar quality and spec. DID VX3 X-ring chain is a good chain for the money and what I'll probably go with.

Carpimoto usually has good pricing and fast shipping, at least to the US.
Thanks guys,

I ordered a DID 525VX3 chain, will get some sprockets for it too (i didn't find any kits here with this chain), and I'll mount it in spring.
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