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Claim or not claim

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last Monday just going into a roundabout & the bike hit petrol/ diesel on the road. Never even had time to think - split second later & the bike / myself on the tarmac. 3 days later - still on painkillers but considering myself v lucky that just heavy bruising/ sore ribs

from what I can see the damage is all to right hand side

A handguard
both brake leavers
Rear passenger foot peg
Engine casing where the rear brake bent into it
not included a jacket/ gloves.

apart from 2001 / I’ve owned bikes since 1991 & this is my first ever off. Insurance has a £450 excess

the wife says I should claim but I’m thinking for maybe a few extra ££100 - I just bite the bullet & get it done privately plus it’ll come back to me I’m sure over next few years in increased premiums

it’s a Yamaha xt660z - was bought brand new/ excellent condition until the off.

Got an AT so not in a hurry to get sorted/ probably not going to be biking the rest of this month anyway

Any thoughts ? Is this what insurance is for / claim or just thank my stars & do the bike up gradually say a part a month ?
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I've read of fuel spills in corners in British bike mags for years, but what I don't understand is why the tank caps are not sealed against leaks. One would think that since your fuel is so expensive, measures would be taken so none of it gets wasted. I've never seen such spills in the US, because we have such strict standards about fuel vapors getting out into the atmosphere.
Bike all sorted bar the hand guards which arring from touratech next Thur. long time to arrive

£236 for damages parts
£108 for handguards
I put the bike in for an oil/ filter check yesterday/ general check over/ fit the replacement parts - £194
that’s excluding the replacement jacket/ gloves £326

I’d have gotten the service/ check over anyway so looking at approx £750. In the grand scheme of things - could have been a lot worse & nothing recorded against myself or bike

yesterday was first time on the bike since the accident. Had to use a few roundabouts & my confidence defo taken a knock. Had another run
Today & defo riding slower/ more carefully. Keep on thinking the bikes going to go over again on its side
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Last update as sure everyone had enough anyway. Hand guard fitted/ Will keep the left hand as a spare. Happy enough now that bike looks as was with probably only a few slight marks IG go looking / probably still as good as any 13 year old bike on road 😃😃😃


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