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I search a lot here and definitely benefit from the good posts so I’ll try to help someone with this review.

My first order of business was finding a comfortable seat. I opted for the standard height Sargent and I love it. It’s more of a proper saddle now and is firm but overall much more comfortable and well made. On the underside it holds the manual, Allen wrench and comes with a little mag-lite style flashlight. I’ve had Sargent seats before so it was an easy decision. Money well spent.

I don’t do much more than day trips so I got a simple Nelson-Reed tail bag. This one is the medium size and it hold the basics. It too is well-made and a quality useable upgrade. Easy to install and versatile with the expanding up feature. It secures under the seat so I’m confident it won’t fly off.

I opted for the OEM Honda cover and, as you might imagine, fits perfectly. It has expanding sections in back that will accommodate panniers or luggage along those lines. It also allows for my taller windscreen that I’ll touch on below. It’s lightweight and covers the bike to the ground which I like.
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Grey Tints and shades Electric blue Bag Personal protective equipment

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Lastly, and maybe the best upgrade was the middle size V-Stream wind screen. It cuts virtually all the wind noise out and I can still see over it just fine. I’m 5’11” with a 30 inseam.

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Thanks. It wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s grown on me. Everyone else seems to love it.
I actually find most black motorcycles boring, including initially (yawn), the matt black Africa Twin. However, and like you, it has grown on me. More importantly, it is actually a low-to-super-low maintenance colour/finish. I will take that as an unexpected bonus.

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Matt black is the best :)
Seat looks very nice indeed, might have to investigate one in the future although I really need a low option and not sure if that would be low enough as it is probably just low as in low position of the standard seat.
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