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Hey guys,

wanted to quickly ask about an issue I have with the recently bought ATAS 2021...

I am trying to connect my Samsung Note 9 and the Soundpeats headphones with the bike but I cannot combine all 3 of them.

The Android Auto connectivity works (between Samsung and ATAS, of course), so does connecting the phone with bike via Bluetooth, but I cannot connect the Soundpeats earbuds because I cannot find them when I press "add a device, or add a headset" - not sure how its called right now in the Honda settings. Is it possible that my earbuds are not compatible with Honda? Have you guys had similar issues where your headsets are not visible for the bike even if they are in searching modus?

I would appreciate any help and be sure I will post a solution in case I find one before suggestions start to come in.

Thanks and ride s
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