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Corbin Dual Saddle (2016-19) in Puget Sound $350

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I've got a Corbin seat that came with my bike, that is now looking for a new home.
Based on the numbers under the seat pan (H-A-16-L) I'm thinking it's the "Low" seat. I'm guessing H=Honda, A=Africa Twin, 16= 2016, L=Low. But when I look at the photos on the Corbin website, I feel like the low seat looks VERY low. And very "dished out". The seat I have doesn't look that severe.

Either way, I've included lots of photos including one showing the measurement on the bike. You can decide for yourself.

I'm in the Puget Sound region. I live in the South Sound, but work in Seattle, so can meet up somewhere mutually convenient.

If you're interested message me or reply.

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