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DCT or Traditional Clutch?

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I just sold my 2012 NC700X DCT ABS. When the Africa Twin is available in the USA, I'll be getting the DCT model.

As most of you already know, the DCT tranny doesn't have a torque converter or belt. It uses two computer controlled clutches and shifts faster than any human can. With two automatic modes, D (Drive) for economy and S (Sport) for -- you guessed it -- sport riding, the automatic shifting works well. The rider can override the automatic by manually shifting up or down when wanted. That means that you can downshift when needed, especially before that twisty up ahead or before heading into that steep off-road descent for engine braking, after which the transmission returns to computer control automatically. Another option is to select M (Manual) mode and use the shifters to shift manually.

Worried about riding in the friction zone with the DCT? Don't be. Ride the rear brake as you normally do and let the computer control the clutches. It's so cool you won't believe it!

I've been riding since 1967 and absolutely love the outstanding, reliable Honda DCT.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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