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DCT or Traditional Clutch?

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I thought long and hard about getting the DCT model but just bought the 2018 manual model. My reason for this was I still dont think it is 100% yet so will wait a while longer technology is moving so quick. My other reason was the extra weight I think I read 24llbs that is some extra weight to carry albeit low down centralised.

Also met a guy this weekend with the DCT I asked him what he thought about it. He said at first it was a novelty and enjoyed the ride. But said it always seems to feel to be in the wrong gear at the wrong time for him personally. He changes gear manually all the time now once he has set off.

But it is all down to personal choice and if you have the DCT you no doubt love it. This is only my personal opinion. I have only had the AT a day although I did put 150 miles on it yesterday. I can say what a bike really enjoyed the day a bit busy today but going again tomorrow happy days. Whichever you choose enjoy!

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I own too many automatic shifting vehicles, for the enjoyment of a motorcycle it will always be a manual transmission ?????

HOWEVER....I plan on buying a Honda Goldwing in the next 5yrs (or sooner if they fix the current issues) and I will be ordering a DCT. Mainly because sucker weighs too much, hate the dual foot pedal shifts, and it's meant for cruising/touring.:grin2:
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