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Cush drive

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Anyone else noticed play in Cush drive yet?
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I have noticed some chain slap when offroading . Cush drive is fine at nearly 900 miles .
I've noticed a 'chatter' when off road. Don't know whether it's the chain, the centre stand or the tools in the kit!
Hi welshgar,
Probably all 3, mine's rattles like a symphony orchestra, the tool arrangement was dreamt up by a 7yr old, my c/stand appears to be 'slack' and I think it is bouncing off the underside and the chain also appears to be a little loose. In fairness the bike is due it's 600 mile, so the chain will be set properly, however I may have to bungy-up the c/stand.

I am putting money on the fact its the side stand bouncing around, mainly because I did not have a centre stand and there are no tools in the Honda tool box by the battery and the chain is just fine although it is a very long chain and does run a long way on the plastic chain guide/runner. I have heard the nose a number of times dropping into ruts and corrigation's it could be the chain slapping the runner but I think its the side stand bouncing around.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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