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DCT and Water Question

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I've ordered a DCT model but have never ridden any type of DCT. During monsoon season the streets of Bangkok are prone to severe flash flooding,12-18 inches deep is not uncommon, we also suffer from idiots driving 4x4 SUV's and pickup trucks too fast creating mini tsunami's. On a regular bike I can clutch in and keep the revs up to ensure the exhaust does not get inundated with water from these waves, on the AT is it possible to select neutral while still in motion to prevent exhaust flooding? The air intakes seem to be quite a bit higher than the exhaust so not so worried about that end.
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I'm pretty sure you'll need the water level has to be up past your knees or higher in the rising position (at least) for it to flood the exhaust if you're worried about water going into the end of the exhaust. Infact, the exhaust tip is nearly as high as the air filter.

The header pipes are lower of course, but with ground clearance of nearly 10 inches. But I double you're going to flood it even tho it's lower.

As for putting the bike in N while in motion... I haven't tried this yet, tbh, I'll let someone else test it out.
Maybe this will help give you an idea of how bad it can get in the capital city.

Usually it doesn't get that bad but question is valid for traversing a shallow river or irrigation ditch.
No you can't put it into neutral while moving.
Mike (NC750 dct owner)
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