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Interesting tidbit in the review of the new Gold Wing:

One feature of DCT that Gold Wing riders (particularly those with shorter inseams) will probably be most excited about is the new Walking Mode. Available in both forward and reverse, the Walking Mode utilizes one clutch for forward motion and the other for reverse. On DCT equipped Gold Wings, reverse is now provided by the engine and transmission and not by the starter motor as with the previous model. Walking Mode automatically raises the idle speed slightly and then takes care of the tricky modulation of the clutch engagement. Through the use of the + and – buttons on the left handlebar, Walking Mode delivers a top forward speed of 1.1 mph and 0.75 mph in reverse.
I have a 30" inseam and wouldn't hate that features for those times when you pull into what you thought was a flat parking spot only to realize as you dismount that it's actually a downslope...
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