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Dealer delivery delays in USA?

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Walked into local CT dealer and put $500 deposit on a 2022 AT DCT model on May 27. They told me they come in the country to CA (form Japan) then get shipped to regional warehouses for local distribution. Our warehouse for the northeast is in Norfolk, VA.
On May 27 I was told the bike would be shipped about May 31.
Then I was told it was rescheduled to ship from Norfolk on June 30.
Now I am told it is to be shipped from Norfolk on July 31.

Dealer tells me this is the same for most vehicles/bikes.....they are stuck in the middle. Nothing they can do.

I know there are global supply chain issues but it seems hard to believe that Honda cannot provide a valid estimate to dealers.

Thoughts and experiences?
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They have a 2022 Africa Twin DCT on the floor at my dealer here in Colorado. That probably doesn't do you much good unless you wanted to fly and buy, but they did have it as of Wednesday when I was there.

Also a pre-owned 2022 with 600-some miles on the Odometer.

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Thank you. But not interested in DCT or an over a 3hr drive. I'll be patient...... only a want, not a need.
The OP was interested in a DCT model though. He has a deposit on one and is waiting. Everything else appears to be out of stock.
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