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Dealer delivery delays in USA?

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Walked into local CT dealer and put $500 deposit on a 2022 AT DCT model on May 27. They told me they come in the country to CA (form Japan) then get shipped to regional warehouses for local distribution. Our warehouse for the northeast is in Norfolk, VA.
On May 27 I was told the bike would be shipped about May 31.
Then I was told it was rescheduled to ship from Norfolk on June 30.
Now I am told it is to be shipped from Norfolk on July 31.

Dealer tells me this is the same for most vehicles/bikes.....they are stuck in the middle. Nothing they can do.

I know there are global supply chain issues but it seems hard to believe that Honda cannot provide a valid estimate to dealers.

Thoughts and experiences?
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I ran into something similar earlier in this year. I put a deposit down early-mid February on a '22 ATAS, was told it was soon to be shipped to the dealer from the warehouse/distribution center.
Called the dealer end of February, no news. Called again a couple more weeks after that, nothing. It finally showed up towards the end of March.
Thankfully it was only a bit over a month and a half wait, but I was anxious and the dealer had originally told me 1-2weeks, so that was kinda frustrating.
Just seems odd with technology, bar codes, etc. they cannot estimate when it would be built and track shipping....
Were they ever able to track it for you?

My dealer says there are many issues with shippers and damage to bikes, etc.
Now I am told it is to be shipped from Norfolk on Aug 15. ):
(Prior was July 31, before that was June 30)
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Best quote was the MSRP + Freight (775$)+ Dealer Prep (150$).
Think most may get that give shortages.
Same with me.. .delayed from May 31, then June, July, August, and now they say Nov 29. Dealer thinks the bikes are built but logistics is the hold up. Northeast gets the bike from Norfolk, VA. The other concern is damage in shipping.... they have seen that a lot more with inexperienced delivery crews ): I got my SW Moto crash bars waiting in garage too :)

There goes the remaining riding season...
Well just heard from dealer (CT), and after maybe 5th delay, the Nov 29 delivery for a 2022 model (0rderd in June) is pushed into Jan, 2023.
No word yet on ordering a 2023 that is the same bike except colors and I do prefer the tri-color so may change.
Dealer said Honda could also just cancel all remaining 2022 orders. Wonder when Honda would start producing bikes marked 2023?

So I lost my riding season as I expected the bike in June 2022 just after I sold my 2018 AT :)
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Dealer said no word yet on 2023 production of AT, else I may change colors :)
Wish they let us pick up the crate at the distribution centers. Ours is in VA. Local dealer says many bikes get injured during the shiipping.. inexperienced guys handle the forklifts, etc.
Seems dealers are getting MSRP plus dealer fees. With shortages the next year or so, they can.

I'm guessing in Jan when I check again, (delayed since June), Honda may just cancel 2022 orders and allow you to get a 2023. Seems the same bike except for another paint option.
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Color is the only thing I heard changed. I have SW crash bars sitting since June (and no bike) when I ordered a 2022 but they will fit a 2023.
Nice but I really want the 2022 with all the updates (thats why i sold my 2018 in June but didn't know about the delays).
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Pretty sure I read there where no changes from 2021 to 2022 other than paint scheme’s

That's the 2022 vs 2023. Thank goodness as the SW bars been sitting in my garage since June.
Big changes to 2022 model from prior.

2022 also improved with new dashboard, Android auto, better wheelie control, etc. There many articles detailing the improvements.
Yes!!!!. Mine came from Miami, in the crate. They bend the lower part of the crate with the fork end, and a crossmember raised on the meddle, touching the skid plate during transport.
The Skid plate got it first scratch even witout 1 centimeter ridden. :mad:

I was able to sand paper and polish the scratch, to be lees visible.
Curious if they gave you any discount, etc. for the damage?

Mine was delayed again... now expected Delivery date of March 20 (I ordered it in June, 2022). Apparently still a 2022 model (standard model in DCT, red).

I wonder if Honda is just prioritizing larger dealers over the small ones like mine....
My order is in with a smaller dealer, too. But I'm not sure any dealer in the US is getting anything. I'm thinking that the bikes are assembled and are waiting on missing parts or Honda is sandbagging and will change the orders to 2023s when they're announced in the US.
Unsure... I'm in Thailand the last few months and I may go talk to a dealer here out of but I'll be back to 🇺🇸 in a few weeks.
I thought supply chain issues were fixed. My guess is Honda may be prioritizing bikes with higher margins.....

If they move to 2023 I want to change colors but dealer seems in the dark...seems little communication from Honda..
Doing a nationwide search on Cycletrader, with a few exceptions, the Africa Twin has significantly fewer numbers than the rest of Honda's line-up. Lots of new 2023 GoldWings (545); 2022 ATs (97). Groms, Rebels, Furys, and CBRs all outnumber the ATs. Of course, these are just the ones on CT.
I wonder how updated and true these ads are. I saw a few mention "arriving November and also January ". Ha.
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I wrote to Honda.. reply below (and I replied back to them about the lack of tranparency and asked again why they cannot estimate delivery as mine was delayed 6+ times since June, 2022, and also asked about 2023 model releases). Sounds like some BS.... Amazon seems to be able to track my packages to my door to the minute :) We/they have the technology to know when a bike will be completed and whom it will go to....
Thank you for contacting American Honda Powersports Customer Relations. We apologize for the delay in receiving your 2022 Africa Twin DCT.

Unfortunately, we’ve faced an uphill battle with the pandemic and the way it caused shortages and supply-chain disruptions which were significant and widespread. We are working to rectify this situation, but it does take time.

Powersport Customer Relations does not have access to the dealership’s inventory. We recommend you stay in contact with the dealership for further assistance as they will have the most updated information on unit’s ETA.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Powersports Customer Relations
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I put a down on one in july of 2022 and it was delayed over and over. I asked for my refund but told them to contact me when they recived it. Guess what? Yup its still being delayed 🤣 its already 2023 and they still dont get it. I ended up buying a used one from a private seller but still waiting for the one i ordered to arrive 🤣
Just curious where you are.... or if a small dealer ther too?
Mine is fairly small and think they only get allocated 1 AT. Last December I mentioned I may want my 500$ back and he balked at it then sort of indicated that they would but wrote something down like "right of first refusal" - whatever that means. but now I wait ... March 20. I want the bike and have a set of SW Tech crash bars in garage (that will fit a 2023 model also).
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Do they tell you where they ship from? And what that means?
My dealer said March 20 ship date (at least the 7th delay since June 2022) but not sure what they means... guess I'll ask.... I know he said they come in CA then to Norfolk VA (as I am in northeast)...
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