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Dealer delivery delays in USA?

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Walked into local CT dealer and put $500 deposit on a 2022 AT DCT model on May 27. They told me they come in the country to CA (form Japan) then get shipped to regional warehouses for local distribution. Our warehouse for the northeast is in Norfolk, VA.
On May 27 I was told the bike would be shipped about May 31.
Then I was told it was rescheduled to ship from Norfolk on June 30.
Now I am told it is to be shipped from Norfolk on July 31.

Dealer tells me this is the same for most vehicles/bikes.....they are stuck in the middle. Nothing they can do.

I know there are global supply chain issues but it seems hard to believe that Honda cannot provide a valid estimate to dealers.

Thoughts and experiences?
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Somebody in the middle doesn't want to pay for something unexpected? So it gets delayed?
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I ran into something similar earlier in this year. I put a deposit down early-mid February on a '22 ATAS, was told it was soon to be shipped to the dealer from the warehouse/distribution center.
Called the dealer end of February, no news. Called again a couple more weeks after that, nothing. It finally showed up towards the end of March.
Thankfully it was only a bit over a month and a half wait, but I was anxious and the dealer had originally told me 1-2weeks, so that was kinda frustrating.
Thanks for the insight @jster35.

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Bought a 21 hold over east of Cleveland last Friday. Guy said he couldn’t sell it because everyone hated the black. Well thank you because the only thing I like better than a black bike is a discount 0 mile black bike.
Low maintenance black, or high maintenance black?
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I've had a deposit on a '22 AT AS since late May. Originally it was supposed to be shipped at the end of June, then the end of July, then the end of August. The latest was that they had a firm date for August 15th and I just got word that date had slipped again.
I hate waiting, especially since I have $2000 worth of parts waiting to be installed.

If anybody is looking, there's an AT and AT AS (both are DCT) on the showroom floor here at Musselman in Tucson.
Yeah, that is pretty crappy - but sounds universally common.

Thankfully in Tucson, the riding season is ahead of you, versus riders in the northeast.

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Yeah, mine's December 28th as of today. It's irritating that they're getting a 2023 Rebel 1100T in before my bike.
Maybe the Rebel is easier to manufacture for Honda, that is, easier to source components.
... probably a slightly sparklier, darker hue of Matt black for both AT and ATAS. No other colour options.

Possible Honda motives might include:
  • Less SKUs to manage,
  • Lower inventory costs,
  • More opportunity for profit when margin is increased (assuming the TFT screen doesn't tank it),
  • Enhanced machine performance and reliability, consistent with Honda value and brand expectations.
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