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Delivery date foul up by Honda UK

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Ordered earlier in the year, now just been told by Honda UK (not the dealer???) that the bike will not be here until July EARLIEST.

Incredible. Cancelling order as that's when I'm supposed to be away on the bike...
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Yep, its very poor, I've pretty much been forced into taking the manual that's in the dealers showroom despite really wanting the white DCT that I had ordered (I have a very bad ankle, broken tib, fib and 2 breaks in ankle plus nerve and ligament damage, from a motocross accident last year and shifting gear is very uncomfortable at the moment as I found out at my CBT).

You may ask why don't I wait, I normally would, but a lot of thought and planning went in to making the decision to buy this bike.

With the low oil price I had the ability to purchase extra holidays from work to save the company money, so bonus, a chance to get over to the Isle of Man TT this year with my brother (~1/2 months salary to buy 2 weeks holiday). I kept watching and was able to get ferry cancellations to the TT (£580), organised my direct access test to get a licence (£500). Before I committed to these 3 things I checked with the dealer to make sure if I ordered the bike (a bike that I couldn't even test ride as no license but i had faith) it would be here in time to allow me to get 600 miles done and its first service before heading to the TT end of May . Delivery confirmed 28th March. All good, so I made the holiday/ferry/test purchases and paid the deposit for the bike.

Not to push the dealer, i left it for them to get in touch with me when the bike arrived, on the 31st March I got a call expecting to hear that the bike was ready but was disappointed when they informed me that the bike would not be available until July at the earliest and that there were no other white DCTs available in the country.

I have a vast collection of Hondas, mainly MX that I restore and monkey bikes, Dax etc, a couple of Honda Type Rs in the garage, fair to say, a Honda fan. I got on the phone to Hondas 'customer service'. They were to reply within 3 working days, i gave them 4 and nothing so I called them again, they had a few more logistic calls to make and would be in touch, 28 hrs later I got a crap weak email confirming the bike will not be available until July at the earliest but not a guarantee. You think this is a long email, you should see what I replied to them.

Really disappointed in their customer service / lack of and also leaving it until after my bike was meant to arrive to inform my dealer. Therefore, manual for me (really want the Tricolour), I can only hope that with some gear changing my ankle loosens up, oh and I have to pass Part 1 on Monday!

Sorry the rant, wife sick of hearing it.
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