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Dual helmet

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Did someone uses dual helmet? As x-lite 551 or Touratech helmet?
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I do. A previous BMW Enduro and the Nexx xD1 (waiting, waiting the delivery).

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I've had three Arai TourX lids and am now using the latest Shoei Hornet Adv one. It's not as plush as the Arai, but better aerodynamically and much less noisy.
I see the Touratech Aventuro and the Nexx XD1 are basically the same helmet except the Touratech uses carbon fiber and costs twice as much. Both very good from reading the reviews. I might need to switch my choice from the Arai Tour X4 to the Nexx XD1 and save some money ..hmm.

Nice review on the Nexx XD1 -
+1 on Davy F recommendation.

I have had the Arai XD range and a fewer of the cheaper brand dual sport lids.

Now how the Shoei DS Hornet X2 and it beats them all IMHO.

Its a tad pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for.
That Nexx helmet looks excellent in terms of features! I like the fact that it has an internet sun visor, and also looks good with the peak removed... that will help with the inevitable highway days you have to do while going long distance.

I wasn't planning on getting a dual-sport helmet, but this thread has got me thinking. I've never really ridden with one before... is a peak and goggles combination really that much better off road than just opening the visor and wearing riding sunglasses on a normal helmet?

Of course, with helmets, you never know if they're an option for you anyway until you try them on and see what the shape is like.

Just got my XD1 in M so far looks grate, fits grate, but locking the lid will be
a trouble in season or two.
I have the Arai XD4 and prefer it to my Shoei Hornet in terms of noise isolation and comfort.
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