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For what it's worth...I've just stepped off a 2014 Hyperstrada that has the same power and torque figures as the AT.

I've only travelled 840 klms on the AT but about 80 of these have been in the twisties. I found that I was travelling at about the same pace as I was on the Duc....greatest limitation is tyre grip....especially at the front. My sense is that the front tyre is not bighting in as hard as you would want (this is an easy fix). But it is easy to string together a series of corners. The bike simply goes where you look.

My AT was not purchased to race but to do lots of miles and over some of those back roads we get here in Australia....none the less the AT is pretty capable in most areas (in my view) and look at the video 'The Crumble' posted he also tells a very similar story.

I have seen some after market exhausts...they show torque improvements of 5% and if you got that in power by flashing the ecu, would the cost be justified? It's real easy to spend a lot of money for little in the way of usable power.... I'd rather spend the dollars on a better helmet and bags. Most of us...and especially me...will never see the bike real limits...but it will be fun exploring!!
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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