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New AT owner here, put about 500 on the (slightly used) bike now it's cracked open like a fresh-steamed crab. Even pulled the tank to gain access to cleanly route wiring (no did not disconnect anything, just moved it aside). The heated grips installed by the original owner were sloppily installed, so I fixed that. Ran a power line plus another "spare" circuit in #14 stranded from the front to under seat.

There was an after market wiring harness there which has four fuses and plugs. It's not a block, just a harness and relay triggered by the ignition circuit found there.. Useful, if not neat. I tapped into the 20a line, along with the grips which have a separate 5a fuse. The wire I added is for a (additionally fused) power port and an auxiliary lighting circuit I'm thinking of doing.

Up front I found the aux plug behind the cluster, and since I do not have a proper plug but did find some slip-on connectors that fit well, I tapped that and taped it up good to withstand vibration and moisture. Very useful, this little group of wires.

I ran the switched power through a new button for fog lights. Pressing this button turns on the fog indicator on the dash (redundant to the lit button I got) and connects power to a relay. The high beam trigger from the dash connector activates the relay, turning on the lamps. Lamps are not yet installed until I mount the crash bars, but it's ready. I have two 18w lamps I'll be using.

I installed a second switch, a small on-off, which I plan on using to turn on some LED strips to dress up my new baby a bit. Probably, no, definitely red.

This bike is a friggin' puzzle, an amazing display of engineering and forethought.

This weekend will be new handlebar risers, tidy up the front-end wiring and start piecing the puzzle back together.

Picture is of the left side panel backside with two switches and the power port. Other pic is the dash connector with my wiring out of it.


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