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Just picked up a 2017 Africa Twin last month. Breaking it in and clocking 450 miles to date. I recently added the 12v socket, and a SAE connector to be used for a tire pump, battery tender, etc. The 12v Connector is the OEM wiring harness which was installed using the factory instructions and the SAE cable was attached directly to the battery terminals and routed for access under the seat. The only modification to the 12v OEM harness was that I routed the fuse portion of the harness so that i=the fuse is accessible on the inside of the windscreen (covered and waterproofed..see pic)

After I initially installed the 12v harness and SAE connector, I went for a 75 mile ride with no issues. I had my iPhone hooked up to the a USB-12v adapter.

Here is the problem...Tonight I took the bike out for a quick spin around the neighborhood. Five miles down the road the electrical panel, headlights, turn signals all started flashing and then the suddenly cutoff to include the engine dying. I was able to pull to the side of the road where I turned the ignition off, gave it a good ten count and then fired it back up. The bike started normally and I immediately headed for the house. On the way home I noted a few more flickers of the instrument/electrical panel and headlights. Once at home, I removed the SAE cable and took it out for another spin with no issues.

Any guesses as to what would cause the sudden flicker of all electrical on the bike? Anybody else have any issues similar? The only thing i can think is that there was an issue with the SAE cable and its connection to the battery. Also, when I turn the key to ACC I hear a slight humming/buzzing sound at the battery itself. I have disconnected and reconnected the battery. The connections were tight. I am showing 12v when I test with a voltmeter at the terminals. I am not really sure what to think. Any ideas?


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