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Engine knock?

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Hot day today with my 2021 DCT.

Normally I'm very gentle on the throttle but I had to give it some medium high throttle to scoot away from a traffic situation.

Major detonation knocking heard from the engine occurred, which has never happened before in my 1k miles of ownership so far.

Anyone know, does this motor have a knock sensor so it won't grenade or melt itself?
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Mine began pinging at 8500 miles. Started only on hot days, but now it's often and every time I need to give it more than 25% throttle. I'm always in S2 and I've switch up the gas station several times.
I don't think there's any excuse for it. It worked fine for many miles, so something is wrong. I'm not buying premium gas. I bought the bike because it was designed not to need it. Will have the valve lash checked. Hope that isn't it and it hasn't already burned a seat. I'm very disappointed. Already struggled with pinging on an ST1300 where premium was a must.
... perhaps a sensor is behaving out-of-range? Disconnected?

However, I would expect an engine warning code to be thrown up.
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