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Hey Folks. Been a while. With winter here, I haven't been out on the bike until the past week.

So I have an update as I decided to carry out a wee experiment. I ran the bike until the fuel light came on. As predicted as soon as the 40 mile range came up and then the bike stuttered a little. I filled the tank up and it took 24 lites near enough exactly.

So according to the brochure, the tank is 24.8 litres.

I average 45 mpg so that would leave around 8 miles of fuel in the tank before it is dry. This would explain that when I run the bike a little longer when the fuel guage comes on that it gets really bad.

So I reckon i will call the dealer and book it in for its 1st year service and see if they can take a look at it.

Not as much a problem now that I know, don't let the bike go in the red, but it looks possible that the fuel level sender is off a little. Not up to Honda's standards, hopefully it can be fixed.
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