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Finally bought one.

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Having ummed and ahhed for quite some time and hung around on this forum for even longer I've finally bought one.

Tricolour DCT with centre stand, grips and 12v socket.

I went to the dealership yesterday to place the order - I was undecided between the Victory red and the Ballistic black and the dealer had all three in amazingly. As soon as I saw all three of them sitting there in the sun I knew it had to be the tricolour - notwithstanding the fact that practically everyone else in the UK seems to be getting the tricolour. But it could have been worse - I was going to get a GS and there's a fair few of them around.

I intend to use the bike for pottering about, weekend trips and for longer trips both in the UK and abroad - going on green lanes and so on whenever the law and the occasion allows. My dad lives in Wales so I'll have a good base to explore that area. I haven't done a great deal off-tarmac on motorbikes but I have done a lot of mountain biking and still ride a push-bike most days - hope that helps! Fortunately I don't need to commute on it as I'm mostly home-based. Whilst I'll be mostly road based I wanted a bike that would be "sympathetic" to me off-road (nothing too extreme I imagine although you never know) and give reasonable on-road performance. I'm not a speed-freak any more so hopefully the AT will fit that brief. The fact that it costs less than the GS will allow me to be a bit more willing to get stuck in - although whether purchase price correlates directly with accident price is yet to be discovered!

I imagine my first farkle purchase will be decent crash bars for when I drop it. And then some luggage for the trips (and to provide extra protection when I drop it). Or maybe the other way round - not sure yet.

I was going to fit the grips and the socket myself using after-market items but then realised I might as well get them fitted so I can ride the bike when I get it rather than take it apart. Mind you, I'll have to fit the charger lead at some point so some dismantling will be necessary I think - at least it won't be alarmed to exacerbate the problem.

Been told delivery is end of March-ish so I suspect mid-April. Which suits me fine.
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Welcome to the forum.

How many miles do you think you'll put on it annually?
Thanks. I imagine around 5000 a year - although it depends on if I'm working much or not (I'm semi-retired but with a restless brain so I keep doing stuff...!) Could be more and could be less. Not had a bike for a few years so don't have any recent mileage to base an estimate on.
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