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Many threads read and a few started by me regarding the AT. Finally pulled the trigger on an ATAS DCT. Got about 400 miles in one week, maybe 60 or so off road. Long story short, but I wanted to ride with my bro for the first time ever. In my driveway, he is geared up and on, I am about to mount my Duc Monster, and see him laying on his on his back and my bike with less that 15 miles on it, down on the asphalt. Bro was ok, just wasnt ready for it, crash bars (oem) saved it, minor scratches on the bars, bash plate, and handlebar guards, and a bent brake lever, but no engine case damage, plastic or tank scuffs. I was amazed, not a quick moving fall, but hard none the less on the asphalt. WHEW!!!

So, as temps drop, I hope to get goodies installed over winter. More engine protection, might look for a system where I can keep upper bars for now, storage, pegs (lower), risers (I am 6'5), tires, screen, the list goes on.

Great site, look forward to seeing updates everyday, and hoping for more aftermarket support for the ATAS.
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