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Well, my Hepco & Becker Tank Guard Soft Bags for the ATAS OEM uppers (SKU: 640.9510 00 01) finally came in.

As with all the other Hepco & Becker products I’ve purchased, I’m impressed.

The bags appear well made and rugged. Looks like a Cordura type material: rip resistant and probably nicely water resistant. (H&B says they are not “water proof” but it looks to me like they will stand up to rain well enough—by design and material). The seams and stitching look nice. The zipper looks tough and well-sealed and zips from the rider’s side. It secures up under a sealed flap on the topside. And there’s a stylish rubber tab above that with the H&B Rhino logo. (The only logo: they do not have the Hepco & Becker company name stenciled on the outside, line after line, like the images of the product used to show in the product descriptions—I like that, it’s a cleaner look. Now I can put whatever stickers I want on there if I feel like it).

The bags fasten to the OEM bars with a sleeve on the inside that slips snuggly over the “C” curve in the OEM bar at the top back and four Velcro straps are used to further fasten the bags to the bar. One at the top front, another at the top front side and one at the bottom front, and another at the bottom front side. It has the effect of holding the sleeved fitting very tightly against the bar—it ain’t going anywhere. And the bags appear to be custom fit for the ATAS--the straps attach right next to the flanged fasteners on the inside of the OEM bars.

The bag is well-padded on the sides, both inside and outside. The padding appears esp. thick and strong.

They should make convenient and easily accessible bags for all kinds of items: extra water, snacks, a handgun, all sorts of miscellanea.

The attached bags give the bike a further sort of “ready-to-tour” look.

But most importantly, for me anyway, with their *robust* construction all that *nice padding* they will likely provide further protection in any tip-overs or falls—keeping the ground further away from the fairing and saving the bars from getting scratched up. And at $120, they seem like a good value for that feature alone.

Full disclosure: I just put them on. I haven’t ridden with them yet. I can't imagine they’ll cause any issues or problems, but I will update after a few weeks. With the cold weather coming on, they might have the added benefit of further blocking wind. We’ll see. But I’ll also see how well they perform at faster highway speeds. Personally, I really like the idea of them for off-roading and if needs be, they can be removed or installed in minutes.

I’ve included some pictures.

Safe riding, Gary


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