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First issue

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Hi all,

I'm a new owner of a non-DCT red model in Zurich, Switzerland.
I got it last thursday, and so far I was only able to use it for 70kms in the city - almost always kept below 4k rpm as advised by the dealer for the first thousand kms.

Tonight while I was parking it at my place I put the 1st gear and the bike turned down, while the engine oil light turned on. I could start it again, but as soon as I was putting the 1st gear it was turning off.
I checked the oil and it looks below the minimum level - I guess that's the reason why.
However, on thursday morning we checked oil level at the dealer and looked ok.
It looks very odd that the bike consumes oil in the very first kms to me.

Any thought?

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Side stand down ?
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ehm... woops!
Gotta recheck the oil level though as it seemed low.
You will excuse me as my last bike was a Yamaha TTR which didn't even have a battery :D
I was not aware of this... just a bit tricked on the fact that they use the oil light for this.

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Hi Keru
I think there is a set procedure for checking the oil level . see the owners manual .
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