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I'm re-shooting the video. Just too many things I messed up and missed. If I'm going to do it, I should do it right.

So, for anyone interested, watch this space for an update in the next day or two and a new video link.

I'm not so much worried about it looking professional or anything, but I feel like I should give more installation info on the mods and speed up or cut out other stuff.

The first run-through is just too piss-poor for general consumption.


Hey guys,

I made my first test video with my GoPro Hero 3+ last night. It’s a bit long and boring (to anyone but an AT enthusiast—but I thought I’d share it here).

I want to film the first start up after winter storage, but it’s still too cold here for that. It was in the mid-30s (F) when I shot this and we’re expecting snow again tonight. For the first start up, after what will have been nearly 18 weeks probably, I want the ambient temperature to be reasonable—give the bike a chance to show and sound its best. I'm looking forward to sharing that video once it’s done.

So, instead I just did a test video; test the video quality, the sound, the lighting at night, etc. while doing a quick walk-around of the bike and discussing my mods. No editing at all this time around. From the bumbling beginning to end.

It appears I’ll need a mic if I’m doing any more videos like this. (Watch your speaker volume). For riding, it should be fine, but for this sort of thing, standing away from the GoPro, the sound quality isn’t great. And I should probably work out better light sourcing. And I see the GoPro in handheld mode seems really sensitive to even the slightest movements (with these settings anyway).

I know I look a bit dorky in places, esp. at the beginning—it’s my first at-bat and I have to work on my presentation skills. (Not that I'm not a bit of a lummox in RL anyway).

At any rate, I thought some might be interested in seeing my bike and its mods on video as I walk around it. With video, you get a different perspective, can see some things better, etc. (And with the bright lighting, even I found things I missed before).

I forgot some stuff as I did my walk-around: forgot to mention the installation of the center stand and the kickstand extender. And I probably could have done a better job of describing the modifications and just how the install process went with each.

But it’s just a test video and I’ll probably re-shoot the whole thing—walk-around and all—when I first fire up the bike after long-term storage. But that’s looking like it’s going to be a few weeks out still. Weather report shows cold for next few weeks - and snow coming tonight and next week and even more snow likely two weeks out!

(And for some reason, my garage looks dirtier than it actually is… I’m a bit of a neat freak and the garage is kept clean and tidy, but it doesn’t appear to be very photogenic, esp. in this light. Plus, it’s full of all the things my wife feels she needs to bring in from the garden/ yard for the winter, so many things that would be perfectly fine out in the weather. But she’s my wife and she gets what she wants).

I welcome any comments. If there’s something you’d like to see that I didn’t show, just let me know.

Otherwise, this is mostly just for fun and a first test run-through. I plan to use the GoPro quite a bit this spring and summer—filming some of our riding. And if I do any more mods, I hope to film the installs. But for a camera that is several generations old, it seems to do a fine job—esp. considering this is at night, with bright lights. I have the GoPro set at 1080p and 30 FPS. It’s actually capable of much higher frame rates and up to 4k. But I think I’ll stick to these settings for now.

Enjoy the Premier of my 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports! :wink2:

Thanks, Gary

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