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Would just like to share some of my experience with this forum since I see some issues tyre issues & handling that could be resolved by some info..
Very important that the tyres are well statically balanced & that the axle is seated properly.. (check tyres for defects, visible wobbles..)
I have seen many trying to replace their shocks & or tyres because of various issues which are alignment issues..
The critical thing about any bike is tyre/rim balance & ease of shock travel on both fork tubes, if the fork tubes do not move equally freely the bike will give many issues , you shall have wobbles, handling is poor, better on one side than the other in the turn .. I can keep going.. It is imperative that you also make sure you install the axle correctly, I mean by the book exactly with the correct torque values. I purchase new bikes which are not put together as per the manual & when I do it the way it should be done everything just feels spot on. Unless your forks are slightly twisted, but that is another story.. In my experience I have found that if the axle is not near flush with the shock as the manual shows after you pump the forks with the bike on the ground, there could be handling issues.. Just would like to mention, taking your bike to the shop to have tyres fitted, you leave it to the guys there to replace your tyres & refit them to your bike. You think, hey they do it every day they should know by now what they are doing.. EEEEEEEEEP newsflash, many do not balance them properly or VERY IMPORTANTLY DO NOT FIT THE AXLE CORRECTLY ACCORDING TO THE MANUAL. If you go and study fitting the axle you will understand that it is procedure that needs to be kept.. Hope this helps some people struggling out there
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