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Selling upper and mid Altrider crash bars for '16-'19 Africa Twin. These came on a bike I bought that only had 450 miles on it. So the bars are basically like new except for mounting marks. I am keeping only the lower bars. The prior owner stripped the head on one of the little (4mm?) button head screws that tightens down the clamps on the mid-bar. That will need to be replaced but if I were putting these on I would exchange all of those button head cap screws for a hex headed screw (or at least a socket head cap screw) so that a could get a better wrench hold on the screw.

These retail together for $539. I am asking $320 for them including shipping. I would like to sell together but I will split if two people reply and are looking for each set.

I can't post pics or links because of me low post count here. Check the advrider flea market for my posting with pics, or PM with your email address.
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