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These came on a bike I just bought with only 450 miles on it. These are in basically new condition other than maybe some mounting marks. Brooks is one of the more common brands of panniers but if you search around this site for opinions about them they are generally well like, especially given the price. I would keep them but I need to be able to store a helmet in the pannier in the instances where I am using panniers so, I picked up a set of used OEM ones. The previous owners seem to botch the mounting job of the rack to the bike so, there is one spacer than is missing which can be bought from mcmaster-carrr or maybe your local hardware place for a few bucks. Or can be made DIY if you happen to have some material laying around. I have a pdf of the rack installation instructions.

I took some pictures of them on my motorcycle before removing them.

Looks like these have a retail price of $819 for the rack and panniers. I am asking $350 for them not including shipping.

The website shows these fitting '16-'17 bikes but my bike is an '18 so, they fit all model year CFR1000L, but not the ATAS.

I am having a problem uploading pictures. If you are interested please PM with your email address and I will send them to you. Or, check the flea market on advrider as I have them posted their with pics.

Also, because of low post count here I can't post links to the product page.
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