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Hey all,

This "mod" costs nothing but gets a decent amount of underseat storage.
My bike is ABS but not DCT and I think the Non-ABS will have even more, not sure about DCT at all...

Step 1. Remove seat
Step 2. Remove plastic tray from behind the tank... save the push pins you will have 4 spares.
Step 3. Take fuse block off its mount, then remove the mounting piece of plastic too... Look at all that precious space..

How much fits here....

First a 20l backpack .... that's 5 US gallons. Its so big while folded up as it has a good size first aid kit in it. Several bandages, sticking plaster, eye wash, tweezers, local anesthetic cream, surgical gloves, antibiotic cream, nurofen, immodium and gatorade powder.

A substantial toolkit... not the std one.
A led lenser LED head lamp.
A 3' packsafe combination cable lock

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