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Is it me, or does the tubular crash bar on the front look like a set of headgear? I like the lines on the bike and that guard totally ruins it for me. Yes, you can clearly see that if you drop it, that's where the nose damage would likely be, but good golly. Maybe one in black would look a little better and less pronounced.

I hope that we see nicer looking alternatives from TT and other companies. And while I'm at it, the skid/bash plate looks underwhelming. That exhaust being as exposed as it is on the right side scares me. Again, TT, or whomever, build a semi-affordable black skid plate that protects all of that, please.

Just me being picky, especially since I learned that the Crosstourer is coming. Guys, I might bail on the AT and go CT with knobbies. :surprise:

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