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Front Range Colorado Meetup - Sat June 10, 2023

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Front Range Colorado Africa Twin Meetup!
When: Saturday June 10th, 2023
Where: TBD but somewhere between Colorado Springs and Ft Collins

There is never a "best time" for a group event so I just picked a date and we'll stick to it.

My thoughts so far,
  • Meet for breakfast then "choose your own adventure":
    • Eat, say "hi", and leave
    • Eat and ogle over bikes
    • Do your own ride or work out a ride with others (rever, etc)
    • Go on a day trip ride from our destination
    • Kick off your weekend moto camping trip
    • Use this a a starting point for a longer adventure
  • Want to come from Kansas, Wyoming, etc? That's great. There's tons of awesome riding nearby.
  • Open to everyone (bring your buddy on the BMW)
  • We can work out any details in this thread and I'll update this main post as they are finalized
What I need from you,
  • Let us know if you're in
  • Preference for where on the front range you'd prefer
    • North: Loveland/Ft Collins
    • Middle: Denver Metro
    • South: Colorado Springs
  • Once we pick North, Middle, or South a local can pick the breakfast place
  • If you're coming from elsewhere, that's awesome. Just let us know you're in.
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My wife and I might be interested, but we may go down to Pine to the Rhubarb Festival that Saturday with the local club.

For no other reason than because we have never been in all the years we have lived here

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