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Hi all,

Firstly great forum with a lot of great info!!

I’d like to contribute my part to those who are considering a full exhaust system to their bikes, but have the same doubts I had on sound, remapping, performance and being legal…

After a lot of research first I decided to go with a LeoVince slip-on.

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This just did not do it for me, it was even quieter then the stock one and without the DB-killer it was unpleasant and not my thing…
Another drawback, it was backfiring with just blipping the throttle, so a no go.
Also there was a lot of heat buildup near the catalytic converter, so all in all I send it back.

Aparantly Honda changed the catalytic converter for 2018, it has two converters in stead of one (this also kills a lot of sound).
So all the video‘s that are out there with slip-on’s, these are not representative for the 2018 models!

So after a lot of reading and considering I went for the full system.
The sound is just spot on!
When mounting it I disconnected the battery with the thought it could maybe reset the ECU in case of backfiring.
So when all was assembled and reconnected, I let her run for about 5 minutes as per LeoVince instructions and then blipped the throttle, this just gave me goosebumps straight away!
No issues with backfiring, no excessive heat buildup and the look is ever better, perfect!

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Also I thought about remapping (LeoVince recommends it) by adding a Power Commander.
As there are no issues with backfiring or any other matter on how the engine runs, I don’t see any reason for me to add a Power Commander.
As far as perfomance, I ran it next to a 2016 Africa Twin of a buddy of mine, which was stock with a LeoVince slip-on mounted to it. We ran neck to neck with a slight advantage on my side in third gear (riders are more or less the same weight ;-) ).

I know there could be a performance gain when adding a Power Commander, but for me it’s just the sound and looks that do it for me and on that part I can recommend it to everyone who is considering!!

As far as it goes on being legal, I’ve got no doubt that it is to loud, although the silencer has got an ECE mark on it…
Also by deleting the catalytic converter it does not apply to European legislation.
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