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If you own a 2016 CRF1000L, Rocky Mountain ATV has a clearance offer you might like to consider. They're offering Galfer stainless steel brake line kits for $181. These lines replace the compliant (read squishy) OEM brake lines and will provide a more responsive and controllable feel to the brakes on your AT. If you think of braking as a zero to one affair, with zero being none and one being in ABS or full lockup, these lines will enhance your ability to more carefully manage and maintain your movement between these two extremes. Any serious racing machine uses non-compliant brake lines to promote fine control of the vehicle during braking events. And as any serious road racer will tell you, the middle pedal wins races! Amen.

How do I know these are worth consideration? First, I have them on my bike. They were installed by the bike's first owner and were a big plus in my mind when I considered buying a used AT. Secondly, I've put these lines on both my autocross cars, a Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evolution. They are mandatory for fine control of the vehicle in the decel to cornering and for trail braking. They really do make a difference.

Go take a look. This is a good price for a real performance upgrade.
I have the Galfer kit installed and they are a significant upgrade over stock. My issue was during brisk street rides needing to apply more pressure when repeatedly entering corners at speed, basically the first few pulls were ok but after that I’d get in, add pressure and then need to add more as the lever came back further, not a great feeling on Rt 1 in NorCal. This was after already trying different HH pads to minimal effect.

However, while the steel line upgrade is worthwhile, and I’d agree should have been stock, they are not inexpensive to install. There are around 7 different lines to run from the lever/abs controller/wheel and while the kit looks relatively low cost, it took my shop around 5-6hrs to do the work. Their shop rate is $100+ hr so do the math.

That said, the lever feel during spirited road rides, and esp descending, is consistent and you get what you ask for time and again. It’s a bit like going from analog to digital. That said, while it took away the inconsistency I still continued looking for more power in the brake system anyway...jump off a ‘16 GS or similar spec bike and its pretty meager in comparison.

It must be a Honda thing. I presume they thought it was a good idea to not have super grabby brakes in the dirt, fine, but puh-lease. They were not up to snuff compared to where modern brakes are today. But then they charge 28k for the new uber-CBR-RRRR and yep that comes with rubber lines so...
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