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A hack share, copy at your own peril.

After deciding the TomTom GO + Apple CarPlay wasn't going to replace the Garmin Zumo I had taken off the 1200GS it was time to install it onto the 2021 AT. Was feeling lazy and really didn't want to take the tank off and run the Zumo mount wires back to the battery. Plan A was to use the connector reserved for the 12v power outlet, and had taken the blank plug off with plans to visit the auto elec next door to work to get them to terminate the Garmin Zumo mount wires for me into it, its just missing the two pins. I had a look at the little black box on the Garmin wiring loom and notice that it is simply a 24vdc - 5vdc converter, I think it was rated at 5vdc 1.5A, so basically the same voltage used in USB systems.

I decided this was great as I could make the Zumo + Mount real easy to move between bikes. The conversion only took a few minutes:
1. Cut the cable between the mount and voltage converter. I left a bit of length connected to the converter just in case I need to splice the wires back together in the future.
2. Purchased a Type A USB connector with solder lugs.
3. Soldered the 2 wires to the USB 5vdc and 0vdc terminals (far left and right terminals).
4. Fitted the USB connector's shell. Note I took this off in the final design as I couldn't get the AT cover to seat. I used some 5 minute Epoxy and the shell to mould a soft case and protect the terminals from water etc.
5. Plugged into the AT USB outlet. The Garmin powers up/down with the AT's ignition. If I need to move it to the other bike, its a 5 minute job.


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Nice write up. I've had my Zumo about oh, maybe almost a year or so, almost as long as I've had the '18 AT/AS/DCT. I did a search on here and found where one could tie into some ignition-hot wires. They're just under the left side of the tank. It was a tad bit time consuming but, no biggie. I wanted to keep my power plug available for future use, like maybe a power point for my phone etc. which, I did use later.


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