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  1. The classified forms have a 10/10 policy in effect. You must be a member of the forum for at least 10 days and have a minimum of 10 posts to participate in the Classifieds. Short responses to posts just to boost post count may be deleted at the moderators discression.

  2. This Forum is intended for private, member-to-member classified listings only - Absolutely no listings of commercial nature.

  3. You may not sell any items you produce or services you provide; this is considered vending, and you must obtain vendor status before doing so. - Contact VerticalScope directly for inquiries on setting up a Vendor Account.

  4. The item(s) you are selling must be yours and currently in your possession; please, no selling on behalf of non-members or offering items you have yet to acquire.

  5. If you post a listing, please have the common courtesy to update your classified listing(s) and/or respond to inquiries and posts in your thread(s) within a reasonable amount of time. Any classified thread that has not had any participation by the thread creator in 30 days or more is subject to closure.

  6. A detailed description of the item(s) for sale must be provided in your thread. Please do not post links to FS threads on other forum sites OR to Craigslist posts, eBay listings, FaceBook, etc. in lieu of providing your own complete description.

  7. No "Feelers" or "gauging interest" threads in the classified section - the item/vehicle is either for sale/trade or it isn't. Do not list an item here just to see what it may be worth to someone if you are not fully committed to selling. There are many online vehicle appraisers (KBB, NADA) available for that purpose, or you may ask for other members' input in the General Forum thread. When you're ready to sell/trade, then post it up here.

  8. Your listing must include an asking price and total mileage for vehicles.

  9. No price police or other policing of threads, please.

  10. If you have an issue with a post or ad that appears in the classifieds, please report it for the attention of staff. Do not make a public posting.

  11. No auction-style selling, please - this isn't eBay. No links to auction-style sites such as eBay.

  12. After your item is no longer available, please update your thread accordingly by marking your listing as SOLD / CLOSED.

  13. Items that may not be sold in the classifieds include weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco, animals, gift cards, unauthorized copies of repair manuals, etc.
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