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Getting close to "done" with my AT upgrades

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After 18-months of ownership of my '17 AT, I'm finally getting close to being "done", whatever the h3ll that means. I like to go hit fireroads, NF, and BLM roads and camp. I'm working my way up to more and more challenging dirt routes.

Upgrades and farkle completed:
Rear Box, Givi Outback Trekker 42L
Install kit for givi top box
Deutsch Wiring Connector
Givi Passenger Backrest
LED brake light bars for top box, Denali B6 with fllush mounts
Shift foot lever upgrade, Zeta Revolver
Rear brake foot lever upgrade, Zeta Trigger
Radiator Guard, R&G
Head light protection, R&G
Sidestand enlarger, Givi
Oxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover, $110
12V USB Accessory Port, Marine Grade
Denali Soundbomb with mount
RAM Mount for mobile phone
Pannier Boxes: AcmeMoto2 Boxes
Knight Design Footpegs
Touratech Rear Racks
Givi TopCase Rack Kit
Altrider Upper/Lower Crashbars (upper and lower)
Oxford adventure heated grips
Barkbusters VPS handguards
Tire Levers, Motion Pro and Stockton
Rim Protectors, Motion Pro
Patch kit, Oxford
Valve Stem Tool, Amazon
Front Axle Sliders (R&G)
SW Motech Center Stand
PC8-Power Distro Panel, Eastern Beaver
Rear tail light adapter, Eastern Beaver
Perun luggage plates
Kriega OS-32 bags
Kriega strap anchors
Rear brake reservoir guard, R&G
Green Chili strap kit
Green Chili Rescue Kit
Adventure Mirrors, Doubletake
Puig Clip-On Windscreen Visor
Bull snot tire lube
Bead Buddy, Motion Pro
Tires, Continental TKC70
Tank bag, Kriega cheap one
Slime compact air compressor
Tire changing tool, Baja NoPinch
Tire balancer, Motion Pro
Upgraded Toolkit (Klim roll with way better tools)
Bar Risers, Rox 2"
Haynes Manual for AT

Lessons learned: read the forums, don't buy cheap sh1t, save up for good stuff

But wait, there's more! Still do purchase/install: AltRider skid plate, Camel ADV mounting bracket, Garmin Zumo XT GPS, Puig lever upgrades, AltRider front fender lift, Camel sidestand upgrade, Camel footpeg protector, LED running/turn/brake lights, Baja Designs aux lights, seat upgrade, spot beacon.
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Good looking bike!
Looking forward to reading your trip reports. 馃嵒
Good looking bike!
Looking forward to reading your trip reports. 馃嵒
OK did I miss something? I don鈥檛 see any mention about the chair...

Just kidding!!

Lots of stuff added, lots of love put into adding it, end result - Great looking bike..
Done just means you run out of money for a while! I've done a few of the same, a few different and still feel a ways away from "done." Nice bike! Have fun!
"Farkle Maximus" (y)
I think I can see a spot just big enough for a bottle opener.
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