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I was fed up with the givi trekker top box vibrating and shaking with it being too high and too far back over the bike. So this afternoon I set about cutting the givi top plate and making it fit lower to the rear grab rail of the bike and and further towards the pillion seat so it doesn't look like it's hanging off the back of the bike.
I used an angle grinder to cut the angled bits of the givi plate off as I have no need for them and offered the plate up without the s shaped brackets from the fitting kit as these are the pieces that make the plate sit too high. I found the spot where you could still get a pillion on the seat but more importantly where the box sits best.
I marked 4 new holes on the underside of the givi plate with a pencil and drilled 4 new holes through the aluminium plate and offered it back to tweak the final position before drilling out the holes to the right bolt size.
All in all it took about 2 hours from dismantling , to cutting, to reinstalling. I'm happy with the result and hopefully it will save the stress on all the rear grab handle piece of the bike as I have seen pictures of the rear grab handle unit actually snapping under the pillion seat from the stress of too much weight and or vibration in the top box.
I've put a givi pic off there site to show how far back from the number plate the original rack sits compared to now.


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